I decided several years ago that I wanted to do what I love. BOOKS! So I
started slow with a few online listings and then a few on Ebay. Lots of
fun and learning but it only whetted my appetite for more. Now I am full
time with listings on several online sites as well as my own website and
brick and mortar store. With over 40,000 in the store and nearly 20,000
online at this writing, I find myself very busy and very fulfilled.

I frequent auctions, estate sales and thrift stores looking for that rare
book for someone somewhere who is looking for it. I have found the search
to be nearly as much fun as getting to know my bookstore customers or the
thrill of sending a long-sought-after copy to someone in California,
England, Israel, Japan or wherever in the world they might be. The love of
books is universal and I enjoy sharing my passion with others directly or
via the internet.

My specialty is Western U.S. history. My personal collection is extensive
but I am always looking for the copy I don't yet have or the one that is
an upgrade to the one I do have. I plan to continue expand my collection
of books and my knowledge of all genre of books so as to better serve my
customers in their search for whatever book they may desire. It is so much
fun looking for my books and finding rare and special books I know someone
else will want.

I read and enjoy books of all genre and enjoy learning and discussing them
with anyone who asks. I have helped many people ( both walk-in and
on-line) find the book they want so please email me and I will do my best
to track down the copy you are looking for. The lingo and abbreviations in
this business can be a little confusing so don't hesitate to ask me about
anything. I am still learning but with this many books reasearched over
the last few years I have figured a lot of it out.

Enjoy my listings and read to a child today, with TV and video games
becoming the norm, we need to make sure our children of today don't miss
out on the greatest adventure they can ever go on.......READING A BOOK!